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>> Friday, August 2, 2013

I have been pretty productive the last few days.  It feels good to be back to it.  I have decided that when I can't think of anything to do OR I get stuck on projects...I need to just sit down and work on the kids' scrapbooks.  I really have NO excuse not too.

I have more paper than most people could imagine AND I have ALL of my photos printed in hand (I have spent a small fortune at Costco for said photos).

So yesterday when it was WAY too windy to spray paint (like I had planned), rather than turning on the TV (which is what I started to do)...I sat down in my craft room and pulled out some photos.

And YAY for me....

I finished two more pages for Thomas' book!!

I absolutely LOVE looking at the kids' scrapbooks and for now so do they.  He was pretty excited when he saw me working on his book. 


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