Summer is coming to an end

>> Thursday, August 1, 2013

School officially starts on Aug. 12, but in preparation for that official day we are going to have a week long run-through starting on Sunday!

HeHe...I haven't told the kids yet.

Because it stays light out so much later in CO AND the kids are allowed to play out front, their bedtime has pretty much been non existent.  It varies from 6-10 depending on night, behavior or just how nice I am feeling.

Sunday night will be the start of their new official bedtime and all the responsibilities that will come with this new school year.

I decided to make a little responsibility chart for each of them to hang on their doors.  My kids are motivated by money of course, but like me they also like to "mark" things off!  I get sick of repeating myself to do the simple things they SHOULDN'T have to be told to do.

They do not know this yet, but if each task is completed EACH day of the week they earn $1.00.  So potentially they can earn $6.00 each week for just doing simple things like brushing their teeth and making their bed.  How hard is that??  With my'd be surprised.

As with most projects these days I used my CAMEO to make my little charts.  AND I used my new Purple Cow Laminating Machine!!!

All I need now are a couple dry-erase markers and a little Velcro.   When I hang them I will post a pic!!


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