Tatum's Room

>> Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I thought I would share how I turned the tiniest space in our house to a perfect little room for Tatum.

Before we found this house things were looking a little grim in the way of bedrooms.  I made the mistake of promising Taylor that she would no longer have to share a room with her little sister when we moved to CO.  I spoke entirely too soon and was beginning to think I would have to bribe her with something HUGE to back out of my promise.

Thankfully though...the last house Tom looked at would work for us AND it would give Taylor her own room.  Without even seeing the house in person I had already decided Thomas would have the basement and the girls would each have their own rooms and I would have a craft room!!  YAY!!

Fast forward to the day we moved in and I had a major freak out at the thought of Thomas all the way in the basement by himself.


The tiny space that would have been my craft room was now going to be Tatum's room.  It didn't even have a closet AND it had laminate floors.  I knew though...I could make it work.  It's not like she has that much stuff.

I forgot to take a picture of the entire room empty, but I did take these two of the space that I would convert into her "closet".

My laundry room is in the basement and had no place for me to hang clothes as I pulled them out of the dryer.  Thanks to my sometimes genius hubby...we bought a nice shower curtain rod (at ROSS for $6.99...bargain) and placed it between the soffet.  It solved my problem perfectly.   So of course this idea was also the PERFECT solution for Tatum's room.

I found this adorable canvas while I was shopping with the girls at ROSS ($9.99) and instantly knew it had to be in Tatum's room.  It's a little too small for the wall I have it on, so stay tuned for the project I am doing to make it work.  For now it hangs alone.

I found this adorable mattress sheet to go with the elephant theme I was trying to achieve in the Target baby section.  How cute is this elephant theme??

I can't bring myself to take this little birthday decoration apart, so I hung it in her room.  I have taken so many pictures of my kids and I would say 99.9% of them bring a smile to my face.  All of these pictures were from her first year and I love it!  Maybe I can just keep converting it to the age she is and add more pictures?! It's a $1.00 project that is priceless.

The CAMEO to the rescue.  This was NOT easy, but I am so glad I stuck with it.  Big blank walls are the worst.  I had to come up with something that would be cute, bold and BIG!!  I bought this image for $0.99 at the Silhouette online store and enlarged it to almost 72"x48", used the knife tool, cut it in 6 separate pieces and hung it.  Easy peesy...no not really, but I will spare you the blood, sweat and tears.

A little panorama of her room.

I bought a large oval rug on clearance at Target for the floor to eliminate a bit of the echo.  I am pretty happy with the end result and it turned out to be the perfect little space for Tatum.  I have a little lamp I am working on and the room will be complete!!


Everything's Coming Together

>> Thursday, July 25, 2013

To say I am my mother's daughter is true in SO many ways.  But in no way is that a bad thing!!  Of course I love my mom, but she is THE most talented woman I know, so if I can accomplish a fraction of what she does...I feel pretty good!


When we moved to Colorado we knew there was a good chance we would only be in our house for a short period of time...long story, but we MAY have to move again in the near future...anyway, short-term or not it was VERY important to me to unpack and get settled.

I have NO DESIRE to live out of boxes no matter how short-term it may be.  It took a few weeks to get rid of all the boxes and find a home for everything...bigger house, smaller spaces if that makes sense.  Once I was done with all the boxes I could start "Making it my own".

I thought I would use my crafty blog to show you just how I have done that!!  I will start with a little piece of Taylor's room.

I have been hitting up TONS of thrift stores since I have been here and the garage sales...plenty!!  It's too hot in AZ for garage sales, so this is a HUGE bonus.  While my mom was in town I found this little Utensil caddy at the Goodwill.  I thought the price was OK since it still had the original tags attached.  And best of all...I knew exactly what I would use it for.

The color was perfect, so all I needed was a little Goo Gone to remove the sticker.  This was my second (I will show you my first later) project back in my craft room.  It felt good to be crafting again.  I used my Cameo to create a cute vinyl phrase and added a few supplies...

And VOILA...

Whatcha think?  Frankly it makes ME want to color!!

Here are a few pics of the whole desk!!

The piggy bank that she got for her first Christmas was in a million pieces when I opened the moving box, so my mom told me about this cute OWL bank she saw at Target.  It's small, but so CUTE!!

My MOST favorite part about her desk...this stack of Dr. Seuss.  Three of these books were gifts and the rest...THRIFT STORE FINDS!!  The most I paid for any of them...$2.00, but most where $0.99.  Seriously people...if you know anything about books that is a HUGE score!!

One last look at the coloring caddy!!  I used pint mason jars to hold the pencils and markers.  I made little cardboard platforms to raise them up.  She was so excited to use it this morning!!

Stay tuned for the full bedroom reveal!!


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