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>> Monday, November 5, 2012

I thought I would share two little projects I did a while back.  Of course it should be stated that Pinterest once again was my inspiration.  Pinterest is the worst kind of addiction.  I am either pinning things I can't afford and can only dream of OR I am pinning things that I have every intention of trying, but rarely ACTUALLY do!!

Except these two projects!!

I am always looking for ways to make life with three kids easier and this little basket project was one of those ways.  I will say it took me a little longer than I had thought it would to find 3 matching baskets that were the perfect size for my stairs.  Once I did though, it was easy peezy to finish.  I used scrap paper I had and some rub-ons to create the name tags and I borrowed my moms laminating machine to keep them nice and pretty!!  When the kids pick up around the house downstairs they can put their things in the basket and when the basket is is easy to carry everything up and put away!!

And the frame...

Well thanks again to Pinterest and Photoshop I now have this fun piece with all the important dates in our family!!  Sometimes words and numbers are much more fun than an actual picture!  It's a talking piece when people see it and then see that Thomas' birthday falls before our wedding date!!


He came first!!!


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