Catching Up

>> Saturday, March 9, 2013

I am not quite sure what is happening with me...

I started making cards again...and as if that wasn't gasp worthy...

Now I am starting to play catch-up on the kids' scrapbooks.  WHAAAAATTTT??

I know...a little part of me thought I would never get back to this life project, but I have and it is great.  I took out Thomas and Taylor's books and they just made me smile.  Well...what I have done that is.  And then of course they both stop abruptly and Tatum didn't even have a book.

Well now she does and now pages are getting done.

Here are a few that I did for Taylor's book!!  Both Thomas and Taylor love seeing old pictures and wow how flies.  I am currently working on pages for ages 2 and 4.  Hilarious right??  Wait until I show pics of the pages I did for Thomas.  My little man has changed A LOT!!

I am movin' right along!!  Tatum's nap time is proving to be the perfect time for me to be productive!!!   3 quiet hours I can spend in my craft room!!


Good Luck

>> Thursday, March 7, 2013

First of all I want to thank all of the lovely ladies that left comments on my very first challenge card.  Each and every one of them made me smile from ear to ear.  And as if that wasn't great card earned Honorable Mention!!!  How sweet is that?? is sweet enough to make me whip up another. 

Here is the CAS(E) this Sketch Challenge #18


And even though I am pretty sure there isn't much Irish running through my veins...I am loving everything green right now!!

Here is my card...

If I keep up with these challenges I shouldn't need to BUY a card anytime soon!!

Paper: Bazzill
Embellishments: Glitter Shamrock and Impress Bakers Twine
Sentiment: Taylored Expressions 
Ink: Stampin' Up Glorious Green 


12 For 1

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

While I was going through all of my paper crafting supplies I came across some paper that coordinated with the months of the year.  I decided it would be perfect for a little gift I wanted to give to a friend.

12 Cards...

I for each month of the year!!

Now that I have started making cards again I am reminded how nice it is to send a card "Just Because" and if you just happen to have cards on is a whole lot easier.

The sentiment on or in each card is simple because the paper is pretty busy.  I thought they turned out cute though and hopefully the person that receives  them will as well.

Happy crafting!!


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