Catching Up

>> Saturday, March 9, 2013

I am not quite sure what is happening with me...

I started making cards again...and as if that wasn't gasp worthy...

Now I am starting to play catch-up on the kids' scrapbooks.  WHAAAAATTTT??

I know...a little part of me thought I would never get back to this life project, but I have and it is great.  I took out Thomas and Taylor's books and they just made me smile.  Well...what I have done that is.  And then of course they both stop abruptly and Tatum didn't even have a book.

Well now she does and now pages are getting done.

Here are a few that I did for Taylor's book!!  Both Thomas and Taylor love seeing old pictures and wow how flies.  I am currently working on pages for ages 2 and 4.  Hilarious right??  Wait until I show pics of the pages I did for Thomas.  My little man has changed A LOT!!

I am movin' right along!!  Tatum's nap time is proving to be the perfect time for me to be productive!!!   3 quiet hours I can spend in my craft room!!


DeeDee March 9, 2013 at 2:56 PM  

what a fun way to capture the memories! (UM 3 hours?! jealous!)

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