Thank you PINTEREST!!

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Again I come to you with something a saw on Pinterest and HAD to do myself!!

Although I live in AZ and for almost nine months out of the year boots and scarves are not a closet says otherwise.

I love me some boots and I love me a good scarf.

Problem though...

How to store all those beautiful scarves I have??

Well this is how they usually look...

A basket full!! Which usually causes me to forget what I have or the ones that can be are super wrinkled!! Have I told you I despise the iron?? Well I do!


A quick trip to the Dollar Store for shower curtain rings and a hanger from my closet!!



All of my scarves hung nicely in my closet!!

This project literally cost me $1.00!!

I love the cost, but even more I love that all of my scarves are nicely organized in my closet. I gained a basket out of reorganizing as well, so that was a bonus!


So You Think You Can Sew?

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am not sure when it happened, but it did! I have stepped up my game with regards to sewing. I blame it on Pinterest, but then again it is easy to blame a lot of things on Pinterest lately.


I decided a while ago that I wanted to try making some things for when the baby came. OK fine I wanted to make burp cloths. These burp cloths to be exact!! Maybe something else if that actually panned out, but for now...just the cloths.

Well as luck would have it my big BLACK FRIDAY purchase...

FLANNEL FABRIC for $1.49yd. Because it was a slight afterthought I did not get in line early and because I was among 200 other women wanting this fabric...well it was slim pickins. I some prints that I liked and a few that were not baby specific, but loved all the same. I waited in line and roughly 20yds later (I got a little carried away) I was ready to start sewing.

I honestly had no idea how little fabric it would take for the pattern I had chosen, so needless to say I will have all the burp cloths I could ever need!!

I might have gone a little overboard on pictures, but I really am proud that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I secretly hope this is only the start of my sewing ventures.

Oh and to get warmed up before I tackled the cloths I whipped up 10 pairs of leg warmers. Of course my Taylor picked the ones she wanted and the rest will go on ETSY!!


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