Thank you PINTEREST!!

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Again I come to you with something a saw on Pinterest and HAD to do myself!!

Although I live in AZ and for almost nine months out of the year boots and scarves are not a closet says otherwise.

I love me some boots and I love me a good scarf.

Problem though...

How to store all those beautiful scarves I have??

Well this is how they usually look...

A basket full!! Which usually causes me to forget what I have or the ones that can be are super wrinkled!! Have I told you I despise the iron?? Well I do!


A quick trip to the Dollar Store for shower curtain rings and a hanger from my closet!!



All of my scarves hung nicely in my closet!!

This project literally cost me $1.00!!

I love the cost, but even more I love that all of my scarves are nicely organized in my closet. I gained a basket out of reorganizing as well, so that was a bonus!


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