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>> Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I saw this super cute frame done by Red Heads Craft More Fun. Such a cute and easy craft project. I purchased the frame from the Dollar Spot in Target...which just like the Dollar store...I LOVE!!

I decided to expand on my St. Patrick's Day decorating.




Goin' Green

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because I tend to drop the ball on every holiday except Christmas, I decided that the second I even THOUGHT about the next holiday I would just start crafting.

As a mom of toddlers there are two things I am short on...TIME and MONEY!! This little wreath cost me nothing except supplies I already had in my craft room.

I turned this...(and another jar full of green ribbon)

Into this...

If there is one thing I am not in short supply of...

It is RIBBON!!

My dear hubby did the hard part and bent four dry-cleaning hangers into a circle. You really could use as many or as little hangers as you want. I chose four because that is how many I had that were the same size, no other reason.

Then I just started tying. I used all shades of green and every type of ribbon I had until the hangers were completely covered. That is it!!

Voila...a cute little St. Patty's day wreath.

4 dry-cleaning hangers
lots of ribbon

Have you thought about St' Patty's Day yet??

I am linking to...



A little something for my girl...

>> Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well I am finally back to the crafting world.

The long and short of the last few months...there were some holidays, some birthdays, a trip to Seattle and a move. It is nice to finally be on the other side of this busy time. I am starting to see some much needed "Me time" in my future.

I started this little project before we started the moving process and finished it up today. The only thing missing is the pictures, but that is the easy part for me...I have 100's.

Finishing a page for either of my kids' scrapbooks makes me want to lock myself in my craft room and never come out.

Anyway...minus the pictures here is the final page.


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