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>> Thursday, August 22, 2013

Since my kids share a bathroom I have kept it neutral.  I had hoped in this house I would get one more bathroom, so the girls could have their own and Thomas would have his own.  No luck though!! 

Since this will not be our house for the long-term I decided to keep most of what was in their old bathroom and just try and add a few new pieces.  Just because it is the bathroom doesn't mean it doesn't need decor!!

Yellow and Blue were my colors and Rubber Duckies were the theme. 

I'm sorry, but Rubber Duckies will always be cute in my book.

I kept the hand towel, the shower curtain, the toothbrush holder and the soap dispenser (it quacks, so I had too)!!

I added the tissue holder and the cup.  I found them at Ross for $2.99 and $1.99.  Seriously?!  For glass bathroom decor...that's a steal!!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my Cameo?!  Well...I do!  I an extra frame just calling for a first thought was a picture of MY kids in the bath...but I don't have any.  Well, I don't have any with all three of them. next thought was to look for a cute phrase!

Silhouette Online Shop to the rescue!!

I created this 8x10 print using my Cameo and...


I was going to hang it above the toilet, but was afraid that any time my kids forgot to turn on the fan moisture might get into the frame.  Turns out...I like it better here anyway!
I did not paint that came like that, but actually matched, so no need to paint!

How cute is that tissue holder?  I needed a little more color!

Got Bows?!  Just a few of Taylor and Tatum's bows!  

If only it had better lighting!! 


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