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>> Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is a rare occasion that I have a Saturday morning off from work, so last Saturday my mom and I did a little garage sale hopping. I really wish I had every Saturday morning free to devote to this because it is so much fun. I love getting to hang out with my mom kid free AND you just never know what great "treasures" you are going to find. If nothing else we get a few good laughs from the morning.


After checking out some sales we hit a store my mom had found called ReStore. A very interesting store, as it has everything you can imagine for every project you can imagine. Since I am not a ReStore expert I can only tell you this...everything (well at least it looked that way to me) was used, kind of like the Goodwill, but no clothes just stuff for the house and all money goes to Habitat for Humanity. They had everything from old cabinets to random paint.


Yes Furniture!!

I found this wonderful set for Taylor. It is SOOO girly and cute I had to have it. It came with 8 pieces. A long dresser, a short dresser w/ hutch, a desk w/ chair and hutch, a mirror and a nightstand. It was priced at $350 for all 8 pieces, but it happened to be 20% off all furniture the day we were there so...$280 and NO TAX!! And I walk away knowing my money goes to a great cause. Please excuse the pictures, because I have the pieces all over my house right now the lighting was different in every pic. All the pieces actually do match in color. :)

It needs some work, but that is what I am looking forward too. Turning it into something just for her...my sassy, little Taylor.

I hope to get started once the weather cools down a little. It is just a tad to hot to be sanding and painting furniture in the garage right now.

Just about every state has these stores...so check out their site and find one near you.


Mama Schell (aka Jen) August 2, 2010 at 10:28 AM  

I LOVE that hutch! I want one! ps. It's gonna look great in Cookie's room!

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