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>> Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seriously I DO NOT post enough on this blog.  I take pictures of most of the projects I do, but never get around to blogging about it.  Which is sad...some of you might want to see the fun little projects I do. 


A while back (I won't even tell you what "a while back" actually means) I helped out my friend JoJo with the birthday party she threw for her twins Brayden and Caylee.

They LOVE the movie Cars, so it was only fitting that that would be the theme.  Since I love creating fun things on my CAMEO I offered to help her with all that I could.  We used Pinterest for inspiration and put our own spin on cute ideas.  I had so much fun and it wasn't even for one of my own kids!!

For each of the food items she was serving I made these cute place cards.  I downloaded images that I found online and added additional images that I purchased from Silhouette or created my own depending on what I thought would look cute.

These were by far my favorite...The Pit Crew Pass.  JoJo picked up lanyards at the party store to attach to these.  And of course to add an extra detail...I laminated them.

I purchased these cute little boxes from Silhouette, but added a window so you could see the oreo cookies (tires) inside.  She wanted them as "Thank you" gifts, so I created a personalized trophy tag.

I also created Route 66 signs, Stop signs and Rest Stop Signs (not shown) to hang around the house.  She also borrowed tires from a local store to stack at the front door and I created a sign that read "Brayden and Caylee's Casa De La Tires".  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of that because it was so cute!

It wasn't a party for my kids, but it was super fun to help out.


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