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>> Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Way back in February Taylor got her ears pierced.  Up until right around August...she refused to change them.  The only time they would get changed was when one accidentally fell out and I had to pin her down to put a new pair in.

Finally one day I convinced her that she could do it herself.  I helped guide her hand and voila...she did it!!  This led to an earring change every 8-10 hours.  She was obsessed!!  We bought LOTS of earrings.  So many that I should be posting a DIY earring holder.  Soon...Soon...I will tackle that, but for now something else.

We went to a craft show on Saturday and a lady was selling really cute, inexpensive earrings.  Mostly dangle ones that were a little too big for Taylor, but after lots of looking we found a pair that were just right.  She was very excited!!  Snowflake earrings for the Christmas season!

Fast forward to yesterday morning when she wanted to put said earrings in and UH-OH....mom had accidentally thrown them in the garbage.  To avoid a complete meltdown I told her to browse through the ETSY app and we would see what was out there.  She found some she really liked, but I was not impressed with the cost. 

Enter BIG idea!!

We would make our own!!

Off to Michael's...$30 later...VOILA

This project actually could have been WAY cheaper had I planned ahead.  I only used one coupon and nothing was on sale, but seriously??  We've already made 13 pair...and still have tons of supplies left.  So losing those $3 earrings from the craft show turned out not to be such a bad thing.

Supplies used:
Buttons (backs removed and flattened down)
Stud Earrings
Fishhook Earrings
E6000 Glue


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