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>> Monday, December 6, 2010

So one of the "things" that has been on my plate the last month finally got taken care of this last weekend.

We threw our son Thomas a birthday party at our house and like all parties of the past and I would imagine future...I WENT OVERBOARD!!

Now...let me tell you that it was completely out of character of me to do so much work ahead of time. I am quite the procrastinator normally (not proud, but honest). Anyway, I surprised both my mom and my hubby by getting started on everything I wanted to do for his party weeks ahead.

Like his Halloween costume he wanted a Pirate themed party. I won't lie, I threw out a few suggestions in hopes he would choose something I could run with. AND HE DID!!

Had to share some of the decorations and give a shout out to my wonderful mom and FRESH CUT FLOURS for the most amazing pirate ship cookies.

In the end I had one very happy little 5 year old!!

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Anonymous,  December 8, 2010 at 11:18 AM  

mellis, it really looks like you worked your butt off, i'm so proud of you,everything looked fantastic, wish we could have been there.give the kids hugs for us.
love aunt bubs&uncle jim

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