Wine Bottle Re-Do

>> Saturday, September 28, 2013

Well I can definitely say that I had multiple ideas for this project AND I still may do another one of said ideas.  For now though I wanted to share one of them.

I started saving wine bottles a few months ago.  Normally it would have taken a while to save up enough bottles, but with my sister visiting and a few neighborhood block parties it didn't take as long as expected.

I washed the bottles out and ran them under hot water to remove the original labels.  I thought I might need goo-gone, but surprisingly the labels came off VERY easy.  I turned them upside down and let them dry for quite a few days.  I did not want any moisture left in them...these would be decorations and then stored, so I wanted them dry.

I gave them a couple coats of black spray paint.  Note to self...the darker bottles take less paint because they are already pretty dark. 

I had planned on buying the Martha Stewart beverage labels, but wondered if I could find anything from Silhouette.   Of course I could!!  I might have gone a little overboard and purchased EVERY Halloween label that I found.  Ugh...this is the problem with having a membership...can't let any $$ go to waste.

I printed the labels on shipping label paper that I bought at Staples and cut them with my CAMEO.  You could probably print on regular paper and use spray adhesive, but frankly I think that stuff is messy and I wanted them to last forever!!

What do you think?

How cute are these?

I have them up on my mantel and will reveal the entire mantel in another post.  Seriously such a simple project.


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