Fall Subway Art

>> Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall seems to have officially arrived in Denver.  It has been raining for the last four days straight.  From what everyone has told me...this is not normal.  I sure hope not because I hate strongly dislike the rain.  Let's be honest...I strongly dislike anything besides sun, but dry and cold is better than wet and cold!


I started decorating for fall last week.  I love when it's time to pull out the bins of Fall/Halloween decorations!!  Although I haven't put any Halloween decorations up yet...it's coming!!   I decided I needed to put a little more focus on the Fall decor because as my mom pointed out...you put up Fall then Halloween and then Fall AGAIN!!

One of the things I added to my collection this year was this cute Fall Subway Art.  I have made subway art in the past using Photoshop.  There is nothing wrong with using Photoshop and it's relatively easy, but this time I used my Cameo.  Besides the great fonts I had...I also had cute images to use.  The only downside to using my Cameo is unless you have one of your own...I can't share it with you. 

I used an old frame I had picked up at a garage sale and there is actually no back or glass.  I have the print attached to a piece of cardboard and it fits perfectly.  The lighting in this room is horrible, so I apologize for the not-so-great pic.

I am trying really hard to get better about creating little vignettes when decorating.  Less is more is NOT what I am going for.  I want more is MORE!!!


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