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>> Friday, September 2, 2011

I am not even going to attempt to tell you where I have been for months. I have no good excuses, but I am back and that is all that matters.

So 5 Christmas' ago...my mom bought me a sewing machine!! If there is one person that without a doubt always has confidence in me it is my mom, she seems to think I can do everything she does! I don't always agree, but anyhoo...

A couple years after getting the sewing machine I finally opened the box. My mom came over and taught me how to use it.

Fast Forward a few years and again the dust had collected and I had forgotten how to use the machine.

Well, I don't plan on forgetting this time. In fact I am excited to learn more.

Last year my mom started making leg warmers for Taylor, but kept telling me that I could do it. And now I can!!

Here are a few that we made this week...

Can you tell which ones I did??

I sure hope not!! I would like think I was an A+ student. Check out my Etsy shop for these and lots more prints.


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