Fun Find and a Sneak Peak...

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

So my mom went to her first estate sale last weekend was pretty excited with her excited that she took me back later that day. It is a little weird just walking through someones home, but the weirdness went away.

And today her and I hit three more. My mom definitely came home with a little more than me, but I was quite happy with my two finds. This $2 clock that I loved and snatched up right when I saw it and two brand new cans of spray paint..$1 each.

I am not sure where her home will be, but I am thinking entry way table.


I thought I would share one picture from my kids room I have been working on. Thanks to something my mom picked up for my yesterday, I should have pics of the major conversation piece tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peak though...

I made the little numbers subway art with my photoshop and used a frame I had picked up a while ago. I wish it didn't look so dwarfed in the picture, but oh well. I love that I decided to make this formal dining/formal living (not sure which it is) into the kids room.

Those two pillows in the picture are from Ikea and were the inspiration for this room. I just loved all of the bright colors.

Stay tuned....


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