Finding A Use For Broken Crayons

>> Friday, September 6, 2013

This was a project I did at the end of the school year, but with the move blogging about it was pushed to the back burner.

If you have kids then I can almost guarantee you crayons...and if you have crayons I can also guarantee you have broken crayons.  I tend to be pretty OCD when it comes to the crayons, markers and pencils in our house.  I like them to be put back in their boxes and it drives me nuts when the kids lose any.  But then after a missing turns into two and so on so forth.  Then they break them and well you know the rest. 

Although the broken crayons drive me crazy I have never thrown them away.  We have made our own crayons using the old broken ones.  Super easy and the kids have fun with it!  In that post we used foil pans, but we also have silicone trays that have fun shapes.  Ours were not oven safe so we used the Arizona heat to melt them!!  A fun, summer project if you live where the temps are 100+!!


For this project I wanted to give Taylor's teacher something special and something she could keep in her classroom as long as she wanted.  I picked up a cheap wood frame from Michael's and began the worst part...removing the paper from all of the crayons.

Once I had my bucket full of paperless crayons I began placing them on the frame...gluing as I went.  I broke the crayons smaller if needed.

I made a super simple Alphabet print using scraps of scrapbook paper.

I stood it up a little too soon when I took this first pic of the finished product and a few of the crayons started to slide.  I quickly laid it down and after drying over night it was ready for display!

I absolutely loved how it turned out! I made great use of all those crummy broken crayons!  Because I had the crayons already my only cost was the frame of which I go on clearance for $5.00.  Cheap and original!  Best kind of gifts!

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